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July 24, 2010
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Girls' Day Off by girls-are-weird Girls' Day Off by girls-are-weird
ok, as soon as i saw this scan, i just knew i had to color it. i am a big fan of rebuild of evangelion, of the EVA pilots, and i would love to see mari interact a bit more with the other two girls-- asuka especially. i get the feeling she and asuka would absolutely hit it off... when mari's not being annoying, at least. :D

lineart by tsurumaki kazuya
coloring by moi @ [link]

i may upload some of my other manga colorings soon! i have like a ton of them. ^^;
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FlameHyenard Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Student General Artist
Three hot girls after a bath with just towels on body? Oh, I'm here for you beauties! =D

Great Picture. I just love this trio. Nice job!
darkbutterflyz Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
pretty :)
skykun Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
good job!
girls-are-weird Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
thanks! :)
skykun Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
your welcome
KendrixTermina Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
Really? I think that she and Asuka wouldn't really get along, at least not at first, with this being Rebuild Asuka, they might become friends in the end, but certainly not at first sight... This is just my personalopinion,but Mari is as diferent from Asuka as Rei; First, Asuka's gonna be angry that Mari trashed her beloved Unit 02, and probably feel a little threatened by the fact that Mari could pilot it as well. Then, Asuka is a pretty ambitious person that wants to be 'right' and each the expectations of others, even if she won't admit it, and Mari does most of the stuff for the lulz and has no restraints at all; She wears mismatched accessories, just walks up to ppl to sniff at them... That makes her so awesome, but Asuka would most likely call her weird for it... Still, IF they would get along, they'd be one hell of a battle duo...

Anyway, agree with you that I want some interacton not just between the girls, but all five pilots, now that they are finally assembled.
girls-are-weird Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
haha, IDEK. this picture was the one that first made me think they would hit it off, i just think it would be EPIC. i think it has a lot to do with the first impression, though-- to be fair, mari CAN come off a little crazy, and asuka might think she's weird right off the bat (ESPECIALLY if mari starts going off about how good shinji smells... ooh, that would just be asking to get violently murdered...), but on the other hand, she's no rei so maybe asuka wouldn't be so averse to interacting with her, and they might find some common ground. i think in the right circumstances, they could have a good camaraderie. maybe they wouldn't be BFFs, but they could have some fun kicking angel butt together. xD

of course, this is probably moot now that mari's gone and completely busted asuka's unit-02 up... but let's say it's an AU setting! EVA is good at those. =3

and yessss! i agree about all the pilots. i've been dying for asuka and kaworu to interact since the series, but they never did =( i want to see them at least be in the same room at the same time at some point. hopefully that'll happen in rebuild. pretty please, anno? *begs on her knees*

BTW, are you the same kendrix from EGF? 'cause if you are then hiiiii! i've seen you around. ;)
KendrixTermina Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010
I think she'll even randsomly remeark how nice ASUKA smells since she did kind of like the parfume in EVA 02s Entry Plug and might be able to recognize Asuka by it.
girls-are-weird Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
ooohh, that would be an awesome comment to make! man, if this doesn't happen in 3.0, now, i'm going to be disappointed. :P
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